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Roll forward oracle database restored from storage snapshot

Most people use storage snapshots with Oracle DB these days. Its easy to restore DB to discrete point of time, i.e. to snapshots time. Here is a method of rolling forward the DB to any needed point of time using … Continue reading

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Junos Pulse VPN client on Linux. Two phase auth. 64bit. How to make it all work.

There are several problem common problems with Juniper SSL VPN on support of Linux clients: Most 64-bit platforms are not supported. Junos Pulse SSL VPN does not support Linux at all. Best way to cover problem “1” is: There … Continue reading

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VIP is not reachable after failover

If VIP was failed over from one host in subnet to another via manually running “ifconfig down” on one host and “ifconfig up” on another, you can see case when VIP become unreachable from outside of subnet. the problem should … Continue reading

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High CPU usage on DB host?

Its Unix 101 statement, but I have heard it wrong so many time, so decided to put a blog for it. So: If in OLTP environment, per ‘top’ %wa (IOWAIT) is major contributor for CPU busy, adding CPU would not … Continue reading

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Oracle SQL Developer Hangs on Linux

If you use SQL Developer 3.x on Linux (tested on Ubuntu, RHEL, but applicable to other distributions, and may happens on Mac) and you do not remember time when you closed it gracefully, but xkill it all the time because … Continue reading

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